Have You Tried These Games Ever?

Monster Legends

One of the most interesting strategy games that has ever been made in the history of smart phone internet gaming. A brilliant game with a even more brilliant concept and good graphics as well. This is a game that is being played by millions of players today and it is very popular among kids under the age of 15. Now let us take a look at this game in detail. What happens in a game like Monster Legends? The game as the name suggests is about Monsters and monsters are bad creatures but in this game monsters are cute creatures that grow as a baby hatched from the egg. These are level 0 monsters and as you feed them food that grow in your farms, they will level up and also grow in size. After they cross level 10 they are fully grown up monsters with all four skills unlocked and then they can go for a fight in the arena. Fighting is the most interesting part of this game and that is why we actually play this game. The only difficulty is when you need gold and food on a regular basis to grow your account on a proper speed and you don’t have the resources enough. To beat our friends, we have actually taken help from this monster legends free gems hack tool we found on the internet. You can too click on the link and enter the website and then all you need to do is enter username and get the hack on your account directly. Simple and effective steps to progress fast in the game.

Dragon City

The second game that we are looking to play is called Dragon City. This one is a similar game to the one we just talked about and this one too is a strategy game that must be played online on your smart phone. This game came back in 2012, so it is not as popular today but never the less you must play this game for the sheer brilliance the game has shown in terms of graphics and stuff. In this game we are looking at an Island where you have habitats (place where dragons live). These habitats will fetch you gold if a dragon lives there. Different dragons will fetch different amount of gold. Dragons too want food that grow up in the farms or big farms and then only they will level up. There are various types of dragons in this game and each one have at least one element type. A legendary dragon is of multiple elements and the concept of the game is that the more the elements the stronger they are. We are heavily making use of dragon city free gems hack to boost the quantity of gems in our account and then with these gems we are converting into gold and food and instant building or completing the breeding process. With the help of this software we are not much ahead of our friends and peers.

Dragon City: Old Game But What a Game!

SQ Canoe is dedicating today for the game Dragon City. After a month we are back to update our website and we have chosen to start off with the fantastic little game called Dragon City. For the last four years the game is really doing well and standing strong. With over 50 million game downloads the game is one of the most played games in the world and we estimate 5-8% of the people are actively playing the game which again makes the game to be one of the most played games. Dragon City is a nice and fun strategy building or role playing type game that can be enjoyed with friends, family or other people.

Dragon City is a game that welcomes all type of players, peaceful players or people who love to fight. It is basically a role playing type game where you have your own character to level up and add skills. Same way we have Dragons here who needs to be fed with food and as they level up they can be given skills. There are a total of 4 skills that a dragon can get at the max level and as they also level up, their gold giving capacity also goes up. If you are looking to increase income from dragons, then level up your habitat and the dragons as well. Make sure to get as many BIG Farms as possible and grow food non stop as your dragons will eat a lot of food as they level up and grow bigger. The most important thing is when a new dragon hatches it will require food or it will stay a baby dragon of level 1.

How to get new Dragons in this game?

The only possible free way to get new dragons in this game is through breeding bigger dragons. As your dragons level up, they will possess breeding powers and you can send two dragons of different elements to the breeding tree and let them give you a new baby dragon the next day. If you want to successfully get your hands on strong dragons, kindly take a look at this dragon city breeding list. This list is one of the best list that we have been able to identify on the internet so far.

Your aim in this game is to get as many legendary, rare hybrids etc in this game. If your account is full of these strong dragons then you can win tons of pvp battles. If you look at Dragon City, it is a very similar game to Monster Legends where you had Monsters, here you have dragons. There also the aim of the game is to get your hands on Legendary Monsters and here too you require Legendary Dragons to become one of the strong contenders in the game. Do not think about entering tournaments if you don’t have a single Legendary dragon.

Time To Review Adventurous Games

Okay folks we are about to take a plunge into some of the most interesting and adventurous games today. The only thing what matters in these games is that you have fun and enjoy a lot. These games provide so much entertainment that millions of players are playing it. We last checked and found that 50 million players are playing actively in these games and they have not uninstalled the game yet. We are expecting this number to rise going forward as the excitement level has maintained over the course of last year. So let us take a look at these games in detail now:

Hungry Shark Evolution is a game that is crazy fun to play and enjoy. This is one unique type of game and very perfectly thought through as the concept of the game is that a hungry creature is willing to eat things up and a shark has been chose for that matter. A hungry shark looks so perfect because sharks are dangerous and they can eat away anything that comes in their way. Now the problem in the game is that there isn’t just the good stuff to eat in the waters and there are some harmful health killing items too and if your shark eats that, it will lose health and soon die. You can only make a very high score in this game if you keep your shark alive for longer period of time. The other difficulty is that there needs to be a hell lot of coins in your account if you want to upgrade your sharks into something bigger and stronger. But we have a way of bypassing that actually. You can always make use of hungry shark evolution hack tool that are available on the internet to get your hands on lots of coins.

Shadow Fight 2 is the next game we are looking at and it is a perfect game for people who love the street fighting kind of games. Shadow Fight is the exact game you must be looking for if you enjoy street fighting. You might remember the games like Virtual Fighter back in 2000s and this game is doing well to replicate those experiences. Shadow Fight involves a fighting character that comes with a sword or other types of weapons in their hand and the fight also involves use of your legs. You have to employ various types of strategies and defeat your enemy, doesn’t matter if you kick or hit with your weapons, your task is to destroy your opponent. If you ever find it hard to upgrade your weapons due to lack of coins, then try shadow fight 2 hack tool in the given website and you will soon find yourself in midst of millions of gems and coins and you won’t need anything ever again.

SQ Games List

SQ Canoe today would like to tell you guys about two very interesting games that are doing the rounds lately. We believe that there is immense potential in these games to entertain you guys and thus we are very happy to tell you people about these games. Life is great fun when you play games on your phone anytime and anywhere. Let us look at these games in detail now:

8 Ball Pool – Have you played Pool in your life before? We are talking about the real Pool Game that is played on a pool table. In the 8 Ball Pool game, you have 8 balls each, stripes and solids which you have to pocket. Once you pocket all your 8 balls, you get to pocket the black ball. The Black ball whoever gets it wins the race but you can only go after the black ball once all your solid or stripes are already pocketed. Now take a look at this smart phone pool game, exactly the same game but played on your phone. This is a 1v1 game and it can be played with anyone, be it your friend, family or a random person on the internet. The game is fun and it lasts for a few minutes at a time, although 8 ball pool on your phone is easier than real as a lot of things help you in this game. Make sure you unlock the game fully with the help of this coin hack for 8 ball pool. It can not only fetch you lots of coins instantly but also help you with additional features.

Pixel Gun 3D – Have you played any shooting game on your phone before? Have you ever played a war based shooting game? Now you have the opportunity to battle with your friends, family or other relatives anytime and anywhere. The basic idea of this game is to shoot down your enemies before they shoot you. You get to choose weapons with the coins that you get and using those weapons you have to kill and destroy your enemies. You can always get yourself lots of coins using this coin hack for pixel gun 3D and then buy yourself fancy weapons and show off to your friends. The most interesting part of this s hooting game is that you can battle your friends directly in a one to one fight now. This game can be played in a single player mode also and you get to kill Zombies then.

Let’s Play!

Hi people, today we are going by the theme of Let’s play! It means we are about to enter into a gaming competition season where we urge kids to come and start playing. Age is not a criteria but we know that it is mostly kids who come to play games with us. So let us tell you something about the games are going to be an important part of us this season.

Hill Climb Racing: This is a great game that can be played by any kind of player. Does not matter if you are 50 or 10, you have a vehicle at your disposal and you can do whatever the hell you want to do. Just drive it! You can drive your jeep in a desert, country side or mars or moon or even some other planet. The basic idea of this game is that you have to drive safely and cover larger distances. For every meter you travel in the game, you get certain points to collect and also air time adding to your coins kitty. But don’t worry about coins as we have got that part covered for all of you. We have a nice software called hill climb racing hack apk that quickly unlocks the entire game and also upgrades all the vehicles for you. You just have to start playing the game after you have chosen your choice of vehicle and map.

Subway Surfers: This game had to be in our list. Who does not want to play an endless running game? These type of games are best fit for tournaments and since that is what we are doing, we definitely needed a game like this. In this game you have to run and run and run. The idea of the game is to run and collect coins on the way. You must dodge oncoming or standing trains to avoid getting caught by the Police. You can make use of these coins to upgrade your stuff like Jet Pack or Boots or Magnet etc. You can also purchase skate boards with coins and use them to save yourself from hitting the trains. But don’t worry, we have all the coins in the world to give you, thanks to our subway surfers hack apk which promises to deliver unlimited coins to anyone’s account. All you got to do is to start playing and enjoy the game and leave the rest of the technical stuff for us to handle.

Games In Our Focus List

Hi friends, today SQ corporation has decided to discuss a few new games which have lately hit the markets and is really famous lately. Android users are totally crazy for both these games and we are proud to talk about these games also. With over million players playing these games world wide, we expect popularity to only rise going forward for these games. Do you believe in popularity of games? Think about the latest game Clash Royale, how it is doing the rounds in terms of popularity.

We are going to discuss about Pou and Clash Clans today. Clash of Clans is one of the most famous smart phone game of all time. There is no other game in the history of mobile phone gaming ever crossed 50 million users world wide. This is such a popular game that we cannot even speak about this kind of immense popularity. We never thought that a war strategy game like COC can be this famous. This game when created stood as one of it’s kind and there was no other game similar to this. There has been serious quality of planning that was put behind building this game. But one thing that becomes really important here is Gems. We really need gems, a lot of gems to get through in this game. If you are interested in this game, try to learn to get free gems to be a top player in this game.

Another game that we really like to discuss is Pou. Pou is a great game that can be played with your friends and family. This is basically a virtual Pet based game that is really famous. Actually the game was built in 2014 but got famous only in 2015. You must realize that a game can never become popular instantly. Any how, this game is about an alien pet that has landed on our doorsteps and we have to take care of it. To take care of a pet, you have to bath them, feed them and even play with them. You get coins for each of these activity and thus earning coins is important in this game if you want to proceed further. Try pou hack and cheats software if you are interested in grabbing unlimited coins if you want to propel your account to the top player list.

SQ Canoe Ties Up With Xbox One (Cheap Games Console)

You heard it! SQ Canoe has officially signed up a deal to promote Xbox One. We have been watching the progress of the console gaming space and we saw how good Xbox One is but still PlayStation 4 has been gaining ground and sells nearly twice the amount of consoles than Xbox. We believe it is very unfair to Microsoft and one of the prime reasons is more popularity of Sony PS4. There are games more readily available for PS4 in places outside North America and thus Sony PS4 is extremely popular. We recently been to India, one of our friend’s son wanted to pick up an Xbox game and several shops were visited, could only find few Xbox games however most of the games were available if he wanted in PS4. The kid was disappointed and said we should have better bought PlayStation instead of getting stuck with Xbox.

Xbox is Good!

We believe that Xbox is very good gaming console and has everything that a PS4 has. Xbox One is a latest generation console which uses AMD processor to favor developers. It allows HD streaming, uses cloud computing technology to keep you connected to the world wide web. Xbox One can be remotely connected from your smart phone, it has 500GB and it works very well with a full HD TV and cinematic comes in 1080p. Everything is great. Players can play multiplayer games live using xbox live gold membership codes for free. You cannot believe how amazing it is to play these games live, specially games like FIFA and GTA.

Solution To This Problem

After extensive research, our team found out various problems in this promotion strategy. We believe that Xbox needs to be promoted across the world and the games should also be available locally at all game shops just like PS4 games are. People need to realize the potential of Xbox One and see it as a big competitor to PS4. People need to see Xbox as a console that is worth more than Sony PS4 and see how sales will sky rocket. Here in India, very few talk about this game.

Xbox One Games Are Cheap

We come from a place where pricing is a big issue. We like items which are of good quality and are priced reasonably. We hate companies who over charge their customers and loot them. We want good quality products at a cheap price. We like Xbox because their products are cheaper. We are happy to buy a console where I can get cheap games and start playing. Most of the game lovers are young people or students and they cannot afford to buy highly priced games. We would like to see that games are cheap, reasonable and only then can we afford to buy them. Due to Xbox games being cheaper, we have been able to pick up a lot of cheap games, even FIFA for that example over at cheapgames.ca. Cheap Games dot CA has been able to give us some of the best and very high quality games at a reasonable price. Their prices are even cheaper because they sell digital games which can be downloaded post payment instead of games coming via post. This is great as it saves physical game package and courier charges, thus making the game even cheaper priced.

Love Quotes | Relationship Quotes | Co Worker?

Today at SQ Canoe Corporation we had a big debate on whether dating co workers is a good or bad? We could not arrive at any conclusion, it can either be very good or it can be very bad. It cannot just be an okay event. Saying a love quote for him or her, a relationship quote to your co worker can make you feel great about love but how fruitful is it? We discuss that today.

Love with a co worker is possible at times because two people working for the same company see each other everyday and for several hours. Many times two people work together on some project and have to spend so much time together that they fall in love. But love usually does not happen in workplace as work and office is on the minds. After working hard, colleagues go out for lunch or dinner or drinking and obviously they talk to each other trying to know more about each other. So when interests match and people develop liking for each other and that is how it all happens.

Love and relationship are something that is good and keeps one healthy and smiling, but a co worker? Let us look at advantages and disadvantages:

An advantage can be when two people work together, they can do it better as coordination will be better. Two people can put more effort, even work from home as they both have to work, so they do it in their own sweet time and that way give more time to the project. But a disadvantage is that when there are more people in a team and two people are together, they may become biased to each other leaving other people feeling unhappy. If one of the love partner makes a mistake, other may try to defend or shield, even fight. It may become hard for other people to criticize the wrongdoings when two people are going out. Those are some problems a co working relationship has to deal with.

Now, other benefits are that, when two people are not able to coordinate with each other, work progress is slow as interest level is down. But two people dating each other have higher interest level in working together, the real output is much better. On the other hand, if two people work together and they break up, then work progress will become zero as they will spend more time fighting than actually working.

Over all, we could not come to any conclusion and we left the matter then and there. Let people decide what is better for them.

Canoe SQ: Android Games Tie Up

After a month of having a tie up with Xbox One, we are looking to tie up with a few android games this November/December. Being low on funds we are looking to end the year light with small games tie up. Basically our tie up means that we spend money in promoting a particular game or a product and in return once our promotional activity is over and if there is improvement over product prospects, we are paid by our advertisers. Due to risk of payment, we tie up with only those companies that have a history of paying successfully. If any company which is not too known, we try to take some money in advance. We too track the products very closely to spot improvements and that way we safeguard from cheaters. Nevertheless, we are going to promote following games this season:

Roller Coaster Tycoon World: This is a brand new and upcoming theme park adventure game where one builds roller coasters, thrill and gentle rides to lure customers into the park. The game is closely related to a business in theme park. You are the owner of a theme park business and you are entitled to make your park a successful one. Your duty is to take care of your customers by listening to their thoughts, needs and fulfilling them. Your job is to make sure that the theme park is interesting and exciting and fun filled. To make the park interesting, you require a lot of roller coasters in your park. Thrill rides too help lure people into the park. And then there are special promotions that can be applied to lure people into the game.

Monster Legends is the second game on our table for promotion. This game came out last year and it is still going really strong. The game is played by millions and most of them are teenagers. We believe that the free to play model has been working pretty well for smart phone users. The people who pay in these games are really rich folks who don’t care spending some money on games. We are going to promote this game to the rich folks because that is where the real money lies. This will help us achieve a particular income target and make us get paid by Social Point. The important aspect of this game is breeding but you don’t need to worry because monsters breeding guide is available at a number of websites to help you out. What you need to do is to get your hands on legendary and rare monsters.

Clash of Clans: We had to promote this game, after all it is the top played android game of 2015. Clash of Clans is going strong for many years now. Previously they made apps only for Apple phones, but now they have come to android as well, purely  because of the sheer number of android users. Now there are more android players than apple players. The amount of gems being sold has also sky rocketed. But you need not worry about purchasing them if you can learn how to get free gems in clash of clans, then you are going to seriously enjoy this game. This game is a strategy game that is played by millions of people worldwide. Another interesting concept in this game is that you can raid and attack other people at your will and fancy.

Top PlayStation Games To Play

Sqcanoe Corporation is going into the reviews of games this weekend. Our team has decided that there are three top games that must be discussed as there is a lot of hoopla regarding these three games in our cafeteria. The three games that we are going to discuss this weekend are topping our charts for whole month and there is no breaking their record. Every gamer we speak to is going crazy over these games and there is nothing we can do that will help control their crazy excitement. The game developers have done a fantastic job and has successfully managed to create a new definition of addiction. If you are wanting to play these games on your PS but don’t have enough money, take a look at free psn codes generator for free.

Let us now take a look at the top three games of this month:

1. Metal Gear Solid 5: No points for guessing this one. Metal gear solid has been a great, really a great game since it came for the first time in 90s. There is immense potential in this game and we are too crazy for it. The game has come a long way from being just a one man shooter game. Now in this game we get a lot of story lines, graphics and what not. Common, there is a reason why this game has been topping our charts.

2. Grand Theft Auto 5: Did you really think that the legacy grand theft auto is not in the top three of the charts? There is no beating this classic, it has been topping everyone’s charts ever since Vice city came into existence. And then we had a fantastic San Andreas which totally blew people’s mind. Now the greatest of all games V5 has come to life. Our players are absolutely crazy for this game and they are already waiting eagerly for next game from Rockstar. We are so excited for the next game that we have also downloaded GTA 6 HD wallpaper and set in our desktop background.

Fifa 16: For 16 long years, Fifa has been making players go crazy. If there is one way to get that real feeling of playing Soccer, then it is through the Fifa franchise. There is a big reason why Fifa 16 has come out this year and it is still going strong. We are already placing our bets for Fifa 99 even though we will not be alive to see that happening. Fifa is an all time classic and it is played by our game players all the time for fun and entertainment value it has to offer.

Play Games! It helps develop your mind and also gives you a smile and happy time.