SQ Corporation Brings You Moissanite Diamonds

Few days back we discussed about some Sony PS games that are topping our charts and how you can purchase those games from us at an extremely reasonable costs. SQ team believes that any product you buy, it must be reasonably priced and should not be crazy expensive. We had noticed lately that Sony has been pricing their games a bit on the higher side, Xbox is anyway super expensive and not affordable for many of the poor families. Today we are taking a plunge into another product that we believe is going to be a game changer in the future. Our corporation has begun manufacturing of moissanite diamonds that look like diamonds but are extremely reasonably priced. You can safely assume that these diamonds are ten times less priced than regular diamonds. Today I am going to share you a secret – Moissanite vs Diamond.

As we all know how expensive and difficult diamonds have become these days. Everyone is fond of diamonds and want a piece of it but very few can actually afford to buy them. Diamonds are naturally occurring minerals and they are mined in a very special way. They are not extremely rare but still a rare mineral and if priced cheaply, there won’t be any diamonds left in this world and without diamonds, the prices will skyrocket in future. To keep the demand under control, diamonds are priced very highly.

Now where does this leave us? We cannot afford to buy diamond yet we want a shining piece of mineral on our hands? Here comes Moissanite, a man made laboratory product that looks 99% like a diamond but costs 10-20 times less than one. Moissanite was a product that was discovered before 1900 century and was extremely rare in it’s natural form. But upon studying the properties of moissanite, it was understood that this can be prepared in Labs. About twenty years ago, they started coming in the form of jewellery and is widely accepted in the world as a diamond alternative. The reason why moissanite is gaining ground in terms of popularity is it’s lower price tag.

Moissanite and diamonds both look very similar, one cannot make out the difference from naked eyes and it has to be extensively tested in the lab to understand the difference. You can spend much less money and have a shining jewellery to show off and not a single person will be able to find out whether it is real diamond or a moissanite diamond.

Top PlayStation Games To Play

Sqcanoe Corporation is going into the reviews of games this weekend. Our team has decided that there are three top games that must be discussed as there is a lot of hoopla regarding these three games in our cafeteria. The three games that we are going to discuss this weekend are topping our charts for whole month and there is no breaking their record. Every gamer we speak to is going crazy over these games and there is nothing we can do that will help control their crazy excitement. The game developers have done a fantastic job and has successfully managed to create a new definition of addiction. If you are wanting to play these games on your PS but don’t have enough money, take a look at psn card codes for free.

Let us now take a look at the top three games of this month:

1. Metal Gear Solid 5: No points for guessing this one. Metal gear solid has been a great, really a great game since it came for the first time in 90s. There is immense potential in this game and we are too crazy for it. The game has come a long way from being just a one man shooter game. Now in this game we get a lot of story lines, graphics and what not. Common, there is a reason why this game has been topping our charts.

2. Grand Theft Auto 5: Did you really think that the legacy grand theft auto is not in the top three of the charts? There is no beating this classic, it has been topping everyone’s charts ever since Vice city came into existence. And then we had a fantastic San Andreas which totally blew people’s mind. Now the greatest of all games V5 has come to life. Our players are absolutely crazy for this game and they are already waiting eagerly for next game from Rockstar. We are so excited for the next game that we have also downloaded GTA 6 HD wallpaper and set in our desktop background.

Fifa 16: For 16 long years, Fifa has been making players go crazy. If there is one way to get that real feeling of playing Soccer, then it is through the Fifa franchise. There is a big reason why Fifa 16 has come out this year and it is still going strong. We are already placing our bets for Fifa 99 even though we will not be alive to see that happening. Fifa is an all time classic and it is played by our game players all the time for fun and entertainment value it has to offer.

Play Games! It helps develop your mind and also gives you a smile and happy time.